It’s what the American People Want

I’ve decided that it would be a good idea to accompany every statement with the words, ‘It’s what the American people want.’

I know that isn’t very original.  It’s what most politicians are doing already.  It’s not enough that they have an opinion.  In fact, you can’t really stick that opinion on them.  It’s what the American people want.  They have spoken.  My biggest problem with the statement is that it works.  A politician can give his point of view, and then say it’s what the people want, and the people believe him.  Maybe a poll was done, and polls are always right.  Maybe there wasn’t even a poll.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s what the people want.

Well, it’s obvious that the American people across the country were ready again for a change of leadership.  That much we can see.  That tide is like the increase of speed in the technology world.  We want change every four years, maybe every two years.  Before long, we’ll want change every year, or maybe flip it all over with the seasons.

Speaking of seasons, they seem to be flipping faster too.  Boy, it got cold already.  Rick should keep his group in the South.  I wouldn’t be heading north right now.  If you got that, good on you.

Like Rick, we should deal with the trouble spots.  Don’t run from them.  You don’t have to be great all the time, but when it’s important to be great, you’ll find an opportunity to advance.  Don’t stand in your own way, or at least let somebody else be great.

That’s what the people really want.


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